Signature Sound Recording Studio

As one of the premier professional recording services in Sarasota, Fl, Signature Sound Recording Studio allows you to experience the ultimate in recording. With an extensive and varied background in the field, we offer the finest analogue recording chain in Sarasota, promising to completely transform the concept of Hi-Fi sound. With focus on Tracking-Mixing-Mastering, we offer singer songwriters as well as acoustic musicians a unique opportunity to record at an affordable price using our analogue recording services.

Professional Sound Recording

Signature Sound Recording Studio can offer you assistance with song production, arrangement, tracking, mixing and mastering to help you refine your creative edge.  We are always looking for new artists and feel our experience, passion, and equipment sets us apart from other local recording facilities.

No Experience, No Problem

Located in a relaxed environment, we guarantee no interruptions during your private recording sessions. If you have no prior recording experience, our friendly staff will create an amicable atmosphere, where the artist is free to explore their creative inspirations and be guided through the process.

Thanks to our vast knowledge and capabilities in the field, we will offer focused professional attention to your project – right from tracking, mixing to mastering. As a professional sound recording studio, we will assure an accurate representation of your talent, providing clients with a relaxed environment to work in.

Quality Recordings

Specializes in all music styles from Rock to Bach, Signature Sound Recording Studio carries out all production phases at one place, including CD recording, mixing and matching, mastering, editing, and sequencing to fulfill all your audio needs. As specialists, we offer a variety of in-house equipment and access to any other gear you may have a request for.

Signature Sound Recording Studio is a high-tech sound recording studio, offering our clients the best quality of work they will ever experience from a professional studio. With a mission to help musicians transform their vision to reality, Signature Sound provides a creative environment for artists to let their creativity shine.

Signature Sound Recording News & Info

Michael Cohen Installs the First Eight-Channel 5088

Hear what our clients say...

"'re rolling!" After a brief moment of silence, I relax to the silken sound of the piano falling like rain through the headphones into my ears. Okay that is when I was recording in Italian!

You might be getting the picture already though: a hi-tech recording setup, professional musicians and a skilled recording engineer at their work (by the way Michael, the recording engineer is a great musician too). Excellent sound isolation (especially in the vocal booth), top-of-the-line mics. If you're looking to record your next album, please check out Signature Sound Recording Studio and Michael Cohen. You won't be sorry.

– Jonathan Herman