Recording Services

Signature Sound with its world-class equipment is the best place to capture tuneful moments and bring out the artistic grandeur to the fore across a broad variety of musical styles. A multi-format recording studio in Sarasota, Florida, empowered with the creative efforts of its mentor Michael Cohen, offers an exclusive opportunity for singers, songwriters, and acoustic musicians to record at an affordable price using the finest facilities. With our professional and expert attention at your side, the artistic intensity is coordinated and channeled in every stage of the recording process, i.e. recording, tracking, mixing, and mastering.

The Services

A perfect blend of cutting edge equipment and software combined with a wealth of experience facilitates the recording process. We offer a range of recording services including the following:

• Music Recording: Signature Sound studio recording packages are customized to reflect the exact project requirements at affordable budgets.

• Sound Mixing: The finest analog recording chain will bring your tracks to life.  The voice and equipment are synchronized to create an engrossing charm through the mixing and editing process.

• Mastering: Taking your mixed tracks to the finest level of production, refocusing your sonic signature to a more refined state. This is accomplished by refining your tracks tonal balance and sonic depth.

• Music Production: Exclusive support for recording artists, we offer to write, create, and produce music of various genres for a variety of purposes, including theme tunes, ad and TV music, web and radio jingles, audio books, etc.

• Audio Post Production: Signature Sound recording services also cater to the entire gamut of music post-production services, such as recording, editing, music composition, mixing, dubbing, re-recording, sound effects design and editing, narration, and production dialogue editing.

Support Services:

  • Custom Tracks
  • Audio Restoration
  • Beats Selling
  • Video Games Sound Effects
  • Religion Choir Recording
  • Vocal Pitch Tuning
  • Voice Overs
  • Karaoke Recordings
  • CD Replication

Why Signature Sound Recording Services?

• Latest equipment, microphones, pianos, and acoustically tunable studio design
• Expertise and experience gained from working with musicians of all genres
• Subtle studio ambience ensuring musical stimulation and sparkling imagination
• Digital editing suite with superior equipment
• Affordable packages with optimal mixing and mastering
• Focus on accurate and the best talent representation
• Remote and online recording
• All types of physical media and compatible audio files for all mediums
• Separate control, recording, and tracking rooms

The Signature Sound

  • Signature Sound has been offering professional sound recording services in Florida, promising to change the concept of Hi-Fi sound. The studio has the finest analogue recording chain in Sarasota, helping singer songwriters and acoustic musicians record at an affordable price. As the brain behind Signature Sound, engineer and musician Michael Cohen started by providing the very best fidelity for the jazz, acoustic and singer-songwriter recordings using the high-voltage, discrete 5088 system in which he specializes.

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